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reccomendation on analog camera with good low light

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i'm looking to combine my pc system that's running dahua ip cameras, with analog cheap cameras. it is important to have decent low light view. my dahua has minimum illumination of 0.01 lux color, and 0.005 lux of b&w. i found those cameras that claim to have 0.001



i would like to know what you think about this cameras, and if you have better reccomendation

and do you think this is real 0.001 lux?


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Cheap Chinese crap. I wouldn't trust anything no-name on Aliexpress. Might be OK but it is most likely crap with a short lifespan. But, at $25 bucks including shipping, I've taken greater risks with more money by having lunch at a strange restaurant. Buy one and try it.


CNB VCM-24VF is a decent low-light analog vandal dome. Add an external IR illuminator if there isn't enough white light and you'll be way ahead of a dollar store camera with built-in IR. You'll also have spent more than a hi-def Dahua IP camera costs, so why not get more IP cams and maybe add IR illuminators if for some reason you can't add more white light.

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