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I'm doing a system at a rural house. The house is on acreage and also has a large shop and other sheds. The owner is wanting a system that will cover the gate entrance, circle drive, the shop, and just a general view around the house. I use Pelco and Axis at my house so I recommended those options to the owners but I also want to give them some cheaper more economical options. I've been looking into Hikvision because it seems to be a good reliable choice for cheaper options but I feel like the quality isn't there. I may be wrong. Can anyone tell me about Hikvisions quality and reccomend me some other solid brands for cameras. Those cameras will also need to be good in low light or have built in IR illumination. I also am looking for a NVR but I don't know which brand to purchase. All I know is that I want the NVR to be open for later down the road I can add on 3rd party cameras.


Thank You!

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If you can avoid it don't mix cameras and nvr, in theory it should work but in practice you will have problems

I am testing some Hikvision cameras and nvr and so far so good. There are a lot of people on this forum with a lot of experience with Hikvision and they generally seem satisfied with them.

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