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Installing CCTV camera over 2km compound

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I am having serious headache trying to figure out what to do.


I was asked to propose installation of 16 CCTV cameras all over a school campus with about 2km range (from one end to the other) and having 3 point of view.


This will be very easy if they didn't specify that they dont have good internet facility.


Their internet is a total crab, very slow, so putting it online is a dead end.


Since i am not a pro yet in this field i will like to learn and hear ideas how to tackle the problem.


Currently this are my ideas


1. Install Wifi IP cameras (dont know if there is any that can have such good wifi to cover such a place)

2. install the cameras using normal RG59 cable and group the cameras. Example: 4 cameras close to each other connected to a DVR and a view point there, another DVR with 8 cameras close to each other connected to another DVR and another vew point and so on but then a view point can only see the cameras connected to that DVR only.


please i will like to get professional ideas.



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Use airbridges such as ubiquiti to bounce the signals around. Used em many times, very easy to use and program, and work rather well.

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^ Thanks but after researching on air bridge and ubiquiti i am still not 100% clear on where to begin.


please any link?


if you sure of this can i mail you for consultancy to guide me through the whole process while i pay you for your help

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