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Averdigi SA6000EPro hybrid

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I would welcome any information on my problem with this machine, please. I bought it second user from ebay a few years ago. It has given me numerous problems, all of which I have overcome with normal PC knowledge, but now I am stumped and cannot find the answers online, so I am asking here, as this seems to have the most info. on Aver I can find anywhere !


I started to get, on a very random basis an error message to the effect that windows had run out of memory and the cache was being increased, however the whole machine crashed everytime this happened. I added another 1gb of ram and that problem disappeared, but a new one surfaced straight away, every day or so an error message came up about winhlp.exe needing to access a portion of memory that it could not. So I removed the extra 1gb of ram (which seemed to have triggered the fault) It then booted up for an hour or two and gave a BSOD with irql level or equal. I guessed that maybe I had disturbed something and pulled connectors and reseated stuff and tried again, it nearly booted up but locked up during averdigi initialisation. Now the disk on module is not recognised at all. I have replaced it with a known to run ide disk and that is fine, so I know the ide cable is OK, I checked the power supply to the DOM and that seems fine at 5.13 volts. So my conclusion is that the DOM has died, does that sound feasible? If so is it possible to get another at reasonable cost, or can I just use a standard hard disk, if so, where can I obtain the appropriate software and are there any gotchas on installing it ? (I have got a windows XP install disk and the serial number off the original install, but would that work for normal XP on a hard disk? ) Or should I just junk this and go for a cheapy Swann system or something else? Sorry it is long, but I needed to write it while the sequence was clear. Thanks in advance.

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