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Need Recommendations For An NVR System w/ 8 Cameras

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Hello! I'm a newbie here on the forums and am looking for some recommendations on a system to purchase. I only have some knowledge and experience with surveillance systems and will very much appreciate all advices and opinions


My criteria:



-$2500 budget


-3MP-5MP quality

-16ch with 8 cameras




-4 PTZ and 4 bullet cameras

-Onvif Compliant


First off, I am currently maintaining three separate systems: A Lorex DVR w/ 6 cameras, a Lorex NVR w/ 4 IP Cameras, and 4 Foscam Wireless IP cameras with BlueIris Software. I've been very happy with these systems and have had little to no issues with them. I am looking to upgrade the Lorex DVR at one of our businesses, and after doing a lot of researching, it seems that there are much better systems that are available within my budget. I was very close to purchasing the AvertX system from Costco (http://www.costco.com/AvertX-16-Channel-HD-NVR-Security-System-with-4TB-HDD-and-8-4MP-HD-IP-Cameras.product.100217967.html) but decided not to because it is such a new brand with little feedback available. I am now considering Dahua, as I've read many good things here on cctvforum about it. The problem is, I do not know where to start I've looked on Dahua's website and cannot seem to decide which NVR will best fit my needs. On top of that, I've found very few sources on the internet that sells Dahua products, and many of these sellers will ship an unbranded product.


Can you guys please tell me about your Dahua setup, your experience with it, any recommendations, and where you've purchased it? I'm open to all recommendations of other brands/setups as well. Thank you in advance!

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My suggestion would be to use the lack of information on a product as an indicator to avoid it.


I would encourage you to consider something sold through distribution channels to ensure product support once you've purchased it.


In my part of the world, there are several commercial systems that could be had for the budget you're working with. Hikvision immediately comes to mind, although there are several others out there in that same price point.

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