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IP cam IR Cut ... activate it without an IR board ???

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I have some no name IP board cameras and would like to use them without IR boards as the area is already covered with plenty IR, (too much is bad as too little) but how can one activate the IR cut filters without use of a matching IR board. ??


Second question- in fact I did buy an IR board which also came without wiring and I'm not sure how to hook up the filter trigger wire, in addition to the power connector it has a smaller 2 conductor socket for this purpose of which only one (the+) conductor is sometimes used, easy enough. The cam however has a 3 pin unused socket and I have no clue which one ....(or two) pins to use and there is no + or other marking on it. Seller can't or won't advise. I plan to solder the wire rather than waste time trying to find the right harness and then wait yet another two months to see if it actually comes. Anyone know for SURE how to ID the pins without a datta sheet ???



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