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ACTi KCM-5311E: https://picasaweb.google.com/108149798664924808733/IPCams#6186210248813585522


The screen snap is on a bright, sunny day.


No changes to setup, it just started doing this.


Tried reboot, then factory reset, then cold start; fooled around with various image settings; got some changes, but no real improvement.


Does this look familiar to anybody?


I am thinking that this thing is on the way out.



Edit 2015 08-23 10:36:


For the benefit of anybody else on this little journey....


I re-applied the last firmware update (_V.5.12.12_20140318) and the picture changed from that stormy, dark look to a rosey-colored look. Reset Image props to default, no change.


Then I clicked Setup | Video & Audio | Exposure/White Balance | "Hold" and the White Balance option changed from Auto to Manual.


Then I set R Gain, B Gain, and AE Reference target all to 128 and the picture now seems more-or-less normal (viz ExtremeSurfCam.DynDNS.org, choose "Toledo Ave")


It's still a bit on the dark side, but I think I'll quit while I am ahead....

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