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info for vista vips cam

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hi anyone out there have any info on these cams

I have the user and installation info

but I am looking for cct diagram if possible

to find out what I have damaged

the cam has 2 infra red units attached and at night the center of pic is too bright to view at anything under 50 mtrs and the infra reds just plug in to the board with a 5 pin connector

so I had a bright idea just unplug one of the infra reds

after I did that neither infra red worked nor when I re connected it


so I guess its a bit more complex a setup and I have blown something


the lead to the infra reds have 5wires red power + yellow -ve black and blue to ldr

and green I don't know what this should have on it but I am guessing this is the control wire to turn the leds on and off

any one any ideas I have tried vista tech support but they do not have any tech info just the user man


on the board that the leds plug into there is an opto isolator and a comparator chip anyone know if these are easy to destruct by just unplugging a device

and yes I did power down before disconnecting lol it just didn't like being powered up with only one connected

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