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Enguiness EnStation5

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I'm working on a solution for a residential apartment complex.

Has anyone use the Enguiness Enstation5 long range wireless bridge?

We need to connect two IP cameras that will be mounted on the parking lot pole and will need to transmit the data back to the building where the NVR is located.

The Pole will house the PoE switch and UPS for the two IP cameras.


The distance between the pole and the building is only 300 feet, the Enstation5 is rated for at least 3 to 5 miles line of sight.


IS the brand and the system reliable and haas anyone experience using these wireless systems.


Any comments and suggestions welcome, thank in advance.

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Well the solution is quite easy. Grab a nvr, connect that to the poe switch. Access the engenius devices amd keep them on bridge mode. The signal will be transmitted and you will get an output through a switch on the other end

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