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Hikvision camera not recording, Motion settings device error

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I'm having trouble getting a Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I camera to record to my NVR. Historically it was working fine for over a year without any issues. I had to unplug it for some building work about two weeks ago, but when plugging it back in again I noticed it wasn't recording to the DS-7608NI-E2-8P (v3.0.10).


No settings have changed on the camera or the NVR, it appears that all the cameras have the same settings and the other five are all fine.


I've tried changing the motion detection settings directly in the camera rather than the IVMS4200 software, but on selecting save I get 'device error'. In fact I get this error across ALL the cameras, I don't ever remember this issue in the past. All the other screens allow me to save the settings. Is this an issue with the browsers blocking NPAPI plugins as I originally set everything up before the plugin was blocked?


Just to clarify, in IVMS4200, live view is fine and if I press the record icon in IVMS4200 when on live view it saves a record file. But it doesn't save a record file to the NVR.


The camera is detecting motion as it's uploading snapshots to my FTP fine. All the cameras have the same settings.


Any ideas would be most appreciated.

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Hiya, yeah my issue was that I didn't think that I also changed the router, the default gateway was different to what I had setup.

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