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Hard Drive Speed

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About to build a new setup for my Video Insight server and trying to see how many cameras I can push on this server. I have two WD Purple Surveillance Drives setup in a raid 0 Config. I ran Crystal Disk Mark and get a write speed of 239MB. I should have no issue writing 50 1.2 MP cameras to this storage right?

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I'm not sure how Video Insight allows you to specify storage drives but you might want to avoid RAID 0 and have one drive dedicated to handle 25 cameras and the other separate drive handle the other 25. I'd rather lean on the capacity of the two drives separately than depend on the RAID controller to give you the absolute full capacity of both drives. That'd take a good RAID card but why spend the money when you don't have to? That way, reliability is a bit enhanced as well. A single drive failure only takes out half the cameras instead of all of them, plus if you DO have too-busy issues, if you're on motion recording then possibly only half the system is slowed. With either case though, if multi drive recording is an option and you're getting issues, just add another drive and offload some cameras onto the new drive.

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