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Question about motion detection and resource usage

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I had one IP camera that recorded to sd card and I was able to watch using web browser. From now I have to run a bit complex project.


I want to setup a virtual machine on my vmware esxi server and start one application to record streams from 4 IP cameras (2 hikvision, one vivotek and intellinet).


- does program need to encode video, or video stream can be simply recorded because its digital and in mjpg or H264?

- how much resources I need for this (ram and cpu)?

- Please suggest me application that can perform motion detection from IP cameras from different manufacturers. It's not important is it free or paid, and does it run on linux or windows.

- what you think about setting up FTP server and configuring cameras to upload videos when motion detection event occurs.


I hope that there is no needed to give 6GB of ram and 3 cores to record from 3 hd and one sd IP camera... I'm limited with resources

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