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Recommend the NVR, etc. for our project?

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Hello. I do IT for a university. Not much AV experience, but here we go... We have 3 small rooms (11x15) where we will record video and audio over a dedicated Ethernet network. Each room will have 2 cameras so we can capture the people in a circular group therapy session.


Having no experience in this I'll need your help to determine if I can do what they need and what gear to use.


Can an NVR take the feed of two of our six cameras and one microphone, save that as a single file (or recording) and play the two camera's recordings side-by-side or top/bottom for playback?


I may have created more questions - please help me ask the right ones to figure out what we need.

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The NVR will likely only give you the video files separately. This means you'll have to view them separately one at a time. The microphone will be paired with one of the cameras on the NVR so that audio will play with whatever cameras feed you have it slaved to.


A little video editing software and some effort will let you compile/convert those videos and audio any which way you want. As it stand though, the NVR will likely not give you what you're after on its own.

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