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Need help with some recovered videos

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I know people are constantly having issues viewing video's from CCTV systems without converting the files, etc. I know my way around them pretty well but I am having some issues with some video files and all google links lead here to you guys being the experts. My father in laws shop was robbed a while back and the guys were smart enough to erase the hard drive on the system in the process (he never changed the default password). I was able to recover and enormous amount of the lost data, but I cannot for the life of me find anything that will allow me to play them. I am also unsure of the type of system he has, there are no markings on it. Just a generic black box. Here's the information I do have:


The default password for the system was either 888888 or 999999. (Can't remember off the top of my head now.)

It saves the video's in "MP4" format.

The filename structure is: CameraName_Date_Time.mp4. For example: A_20141221_115102.mp4


I would be happy to upload one of the files if someone wanted to take a look at it.


Some of the things that I have tried:


Loading the video in HandBrake.

Playing with the HIKvision player and codec.

Playing with the QSee player and codec.

Playing with the Dahua player and codec.

Playing with the Zmodo player and codec.

Downloading the KLite codec pack and codec.


AVI Generator.

HIKvision's File Converter.



AVI MP4 Converter 6.


I am at my wits end and would really love to finally get some closure on this. Any help at all would be appreciated. I am hoping that the files weren't damaged during the formatting of the hard drive originally, but I unfortunately assume it is a possibility.


Thank you in advance to anyone who may shed some light on this.

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Not to be a smartass, and maybe I missed something, but if the file is in MP4 formart, is there a reason you haven't tried an an MP4 player? Most of what you tried is proprietary or not intended for MP4 to begin with.

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VLC plays MP4 files, but yes I have tried most of the widely available others.



Windows Media Player.

Vegas Movie Maker.

Adobe Premier Pro.

A few generic video players as well.

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In that case, I would tell it's proprietary like many of them and you're going to have to find the right one based on the manufacturer of the DVR. It says MP4 but it's either some demented version of it or it's corrupt.

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