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RS485 (Pelco or VCL) to Maxpro AFSK Converter

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Can anyone tell me where I can get some 485 either Pelco or VCL protocol to Maxpro AFSK (audio) telemetry converters.


This is proving to be a massive problem, we are removing and converting approximately 50 analogue cameras to a network infrastructure using Axis P7016 encoders. The trouble is it will only drive r485 or 422 protocol.


Any help on this is appreciated. I know this is all very old hat!



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Honeywell stock one made by Pro test equipment details seem old but ill put them below, its called a PTE-PC1 . i think they get it from hongkong but they are good if your cable runs in a plant next dc and AC motors and other control signals.


Ph: 08 9448-2034

Fax: 08 9448 2021

Mob: 0412103284

Email: Pro_test@bigpond.com


If not get hold of honeywell secuirty in Belmont WA on 08 9227 5056 as they definitely stock them


Hope this helps

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