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Help buying an old system

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I'm buying a business and it has a system pre-installed that the owner is trying to sell me. I'm a bit clueless and want to know is this is a good system and deal.




Camera system model = LTD7216-HV, I think LTS Security.


14 cameras installed, and since its 16 channel, can add 2 more later.


Can remotely view with mobile app NVMS7000.


Owner paid $2500 for equipment and installation and is trying to sell it to me for $1250.oo.



What is this setup really worth, am I better off getting my own system?

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Don't do it. Between LTS's new HD-TVI units and IP stuff... you can get it new and pure HD for that price and you'll 2 generations behind on HD security stuff.


My business advise to is to NOT BUY IT!!! tell him you don't want it. he's just trying to juice you for a few extra dollars... for $1250 you can put in a great 1080p HD system. 1 HD camera can cover 2 of the old cameras.

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