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Best ebay 8 Channel DVR UNDER $100

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I've been looking at several DVR's on ebay.






ANRAN - AR-V1008


SIKKER - SKR-D8008M-NH ($89.95)


All are about $60 without harddrive except the Sikkar unit which "seems" a bit better.


My main concern is the software (firmware?) where you set up the various things like motion detect areas, scheduling etc.


I have a QSee that has a different camera color setting for day and night. I REALLY like that since I find that setting the brightness and contrast differently for night and day makes a HUGE difference. so that is an important feature to me.


Unfortunately, it's not always easy to see the FULL set of screen shots with these things.


Any suggestions? (HINT: I don't really need more DVR for my needs so spending over $100 is out)

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