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NVR Recommendation

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What I'm Looking For

- NVR or better recommendation to address my issue with current system below

- Able to accommodate up to 6 5MP IP cameras. Wanting to add 2 4MP Hikvision cams to my 3 ACTI 5MP cams

- 2 weeks of storage

- Works well with MAC

- Easy to setup remote access with ATT Uverse


Current System

- 3 ACTI E73 5MP IP Cameras recording 24/7

- Dell Server Running Milestone Essential

- ATT Uverse Router

- Milestone for remote access

- Dyndns in place of static IP


Issues with Current System

- Difficult to set up port forwarding when ATT has to replace the router

- Only 1 TB of space

- Server is very slow

- Keeping up with security on the server



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