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Hikvision "reconnecting error code hcnetsdk.dll [91]"

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I'm having an issue with IVMS-4200. The 'Main View' shows 5 cameras working fine, but one gives "reconnecting error code hcnetsdk.dll [91]"


The camera giving the error code is recording and allows me to view the record files, it also allows me to connect to the camera, but it won't show on the main view page. It works fine on the iphone app.


I've tried rebooting the camera and NVR to no sucess.


Any ideas?




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Did you get this sorted? I am getting the very same error on one of my IVMS monitoring stations. It worked 100% until recently. The only thing out of the ordinary was a couple of power failures but that is it.


What I have noticed is that if I log directly into the camera, only one of the two streams works even though they are both enabled. If I'm on live view and try to switch to the sub stream, I get a live view failed error. I'm beginning to suspect that the two cameras doing this are faulty.

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Nope still having issues.


Strangely it almost fixed it's self. I can now get it to show in the main view but it won't save there, I have to keep adding it everytime I load the application.


BUT all cameras have now stopped recording to the NVR, none of them are creating a record file

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I have exactly the same problem with DS-2CD2020F-I camera. After checking and testing we found the problem was camera have no enough power from POE splitter.


We are using passive POE splitter instead of the active one, this is the problem. We fix the problem by replacing the passive POE with the active one, and it never have the same problem again.


I wrote in detail here


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I know this is an older post, but it was the first result when googling the error. Hope this helps.


We have 7 HIKVision DS-2CD2132F cameras connected to a real PoE switch (no splitters). We use a HIKVision DS-7608NI as the DVR.


In iVMS-4200, we could view 1 or 4 cameras at a time in Main View, but when we try to view more that that, we get the "reconnecting. error code hcnetsdk.dll [91]" error.


Here's the fix:

In iVMS click "Tools"

Select "System Configuration"

Select "Image"

'Uncheck' the "Auto-change Stream Type" option

Click "Save"


Close the System Configuration window and then click on "9-Screen" (or 16-Screen, or whatever you have) to reconnect to the cameras.

You should now be able to see all the cameras.

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