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Dahus Problems with internet connection

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I have 2 Dahua IP Cameras - both Connected on ethernet cable POE

1. Dahua 4 Megapixel IPC-HFW4421S 3.6mm

2. Dahua IPC-HFW1320S 3MP HD 2.8mm

Router Cisco Linksys E2000 Firmware 1.0.06 just updated today.


Connection is router to a POE switch to cameras.

IP address Port 554 default


Everything was working fine on one camera purchased a second camera to cover the front of the house. Could not find the new camera - changed the ip address, updated the firmware on the router thinking this would solve the problem and then crash now i have problems.


The Problem is no internet when the IP Camera are plugged in. Remove the connection internet is back on. I have a conflict somewhere.


I can access both Dahua cameras via an IP address and can change anything but can not solve this.

I have changed the IP address back to default and still having problems. I have changed the port. I can not get either of them to work now.

Using the IPConfig Tool I can see both video is working fine. I am running in circles and needd help any ideas???

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Still working on it.


I need help with the best path




I have seen





What is best ????

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This may be late but 95% of what we install is Dahua.


And we have no issues. We stage all of our equipment in advance so once it is installed, it is ready, and we do not have multiple cameras with the same IP address.


We use a PC or laptop with POE switch (we actually now have these USB devices that plug into the laptop and provide POE so they can plug the cam right into a laptop)


We then change the IP address to a predetermined address, make a couple changes to motion, lighting etc and done.


The cameras all run back to a POE switch


NVR connects to switch


Switch connected to our router.


Router gets a static IP address from clients network, usually a Comcast modem.


We open ports on the modem.


We also use a DYN service to connect our NVR's online but we manage hundreds of DVR/NVR

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