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Can I use existng OnQ Ethernet system for PoE?

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Hi, I live in a two-story house that has a OnQ system on the second floor laundry room. The house is wired with Cat 5e Ethernet cabling.


I have a router and my modem hooked up to the OnQ system so the outlets throughout the house have active Internet connection.


My question is, can I use an existing outlet for a PoE system? Can I connect my PoE camera into one of these outlets, which then connects to the router, and connect, from the router, into an NVR?


Has anyone successfully used an existing OnQ Ethernet system and connect a PoE camera system to it?


Thanks in advance!


P.S. now that I think of it, I don't think the OnQ is really used in my case. I think all the Ethernet cables from the outlets throughout the house are simply fed through the OnQ box -- they don't connect to any OnQ module in the box.

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I'd hang a POE switch near the OnQ box. Patch the switch POE ports to the OnQ side and put your router into the same switch.

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