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Trouble Adding New Hikvision Camera To Existing System

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We originally had a system with 8 Hikvision cameras installed about 3 years ago. The original cameras are all DS-2CD8254F-EIS IP cameras.


We have a Dell PC running version of the Hikvision NVR software.


One of the cameras failed and I replaced it with a similar, but newer model: DS-2CD2632F-I


I physically installed the camera and found it on the network. I then changed the IP to match the IP of the original camera that had failed. I can access it directly via it's web interface but the NVR did not recognize it automatically on the network. I was able to manually add it by using the IP address and the login info for that specific camera though. It still does not seem to be working right though. When I click on one of the cameras in the nvr software in the main view it shows the video just fine. But, if I then switch to the new camera, nothing happens for a while. Then, it finally comes up but is a still picture, not live video. Then, if you try the same thing again, the video will be live for about 3 seconds and then just stop.


If you just leave it on the new camera in the main view, it will show live video every 15 or seconds ago. But, it only lasts for about 3 or 4 seconds and just stops. Then, wait another 15 seconds or so and it will show live video again.


What would you guys suggest? I wasn't sure if it's a matter of the NVR software being too old or if I just have the config of the new camera wrong.


Thanks for the help!

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Share on other sites is the most recent version of iVMS 4200. I would check to make sure you have the right firmware in the camera too. Are you recording to a NAS or something, or are you just using iVMS 4200 to live view the cameras? If that's the case, try deleting the whole server/device list, and repopulate them back into a single group for viewing, 4200 can be finicky at times when replacing cameras using the same IP.

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We are recording to a computer that acts as our NVR. Originally, different software was installed on our NVR than from the client computers that view live video and view video stored/recorded on the NVR pc.


I am using the iVMS NVR software mainly to record the video. Is that 2.5 version the most recent version of their NVR software or is that the client software? Looking on their website it looks like it can do both. I believe it used to be two separate programs/downloads from them. We have been using different software on the client computers for viewing live video and watching recorded video. But, the software on our NVR PC ran a different version from the start.


I'm just worried about upgrading the NVR software if it doesn't retain the configuration or if the new version is not compatible with the old cameras etc. I don't have much experience with this software so I was hoping not to have to start from scratch.

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