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Weird Pixellation on Motion???

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Hello All!


First post here. Be gentle.

Bought a rather cheap IP camera off the internet. It's setup to record through Blue Iris on a reasonably average machine (CPU sits at about 40% when on constant record). At the moment it's saving straight to disk in the format native to the camera (H264). Blue Iris has the feature to encode video, but it thrashes my CPU and it doesn't make a difference. There's also the option to save as AVI, MP4 etc which also makes no difference.


Whenever there's movement in the video, the video pixellates and goes all weird. Tried playback via VLC and WMP, both the same (VLC probably slightly worse). Tried all the different functions with no change. Video records at 25FPS.


Not related to network lag or anything like that.


Any ideas?





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It seems as if the RTP packets are getting mixed up. There might not be much you can do about it. Are you using TCP or UDP protocol? Have you tried maxing out your bitrate setting? Do you have identical settings on camera and blue iris (i have never used BI but i've read there are are some settings that should be matched to ones in camera, like bitrate and fps)?

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