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Time to make some changes

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Our neighbor has been a problem for some time. When the problems first started I installed a camera system to protect us and our home, not that we feared the neighbor would do anything to our house but as a precaution to the rising crime rate the system served multiple purposes.

Recently our neighbor has become increasingly antagonistic. I cannot go out into my yard without having to put up with being called an a$$hole or critiqued on my every movement on my own property. I can deal with them being immature, but when I have my son by my side on my property it's kind of hard to ignore someone who constantly calls you an a$$hole.

The system that I have in place is a Truvision DVR 30, I have 6 cameras, 3 bullet / 3 dome, installed with a mix of 1/3" 700tvl CMOS and CCD capabilities. The quality of the images I can get is ok, I wish it to be better now. I purchased the system via ebay and have two other Truvision DVR units, one being a 16 camera 3 TB unit that has an issue booting.

My idea is to either upgrade the existing system or purchase a new dvr that will allow for higher quality images. I'm not a very literate person when it comes to these systems. I want to add at least 1 PTZ camera, but would prefer to add 2. I would also like to add audio and have researched our local laws regarding such a situation. I would have to post signs stating that audio and video recording is being done on my property. This is the short term plan, the long term plan is to purchase another home as soon as possible. Yes we are moving because of the conditions caused by our neighbors and the rising crime rate in our area.

Question 1 - Can I upgrade the existing Truvision DVR 30 to get a better quality image? Change the motherboard? Change the video card? I cannot find any literature on the internet to assist with this and their customer support only supports registered technicians.

Question 2 - Can I add multiple PTZ cameras to the system. I researched a multiple RS-485 termination block and was wondering if this may work so that I can add a second PTZ

LINK: http://www.123-cctv.com/multiple-ptz-connection-block.html

Question 3 - I would like to add audio to a couple of the cameras but am not confident on which product would provide the best audio for outdoor cameras. I am concerned that rain, snow, cold temps may affect the quality and life of the microphone. There are many sites out there that want to sell these devices but little information on how well they would perform in these conditions.

Question 4 - Looking at new cameras all the way around, 1000TVL Camera 1/3" SONY 1.3 MP 720P Lens 2.8~12mm Vari-focal U.S Wall mount is what I am looking at right now but am open to any and all suggestions.

I would like to thank you for your time in reading this lengthy post and look forward to your ideas

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