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Positioning of CCTV Cameras - Impossible ask?

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I've recently installed a CCTV system in and around my home, however I'm having issues with the positioning of the camera at the front of my house.


My home is in a street with houses on both sides, semi-detached, with no fences between.


I'm looking to position my camera so it has the driveway and the faces of those on the driveway/ my land in the field of view, however I can't lift the camera up and more than already is due to the houses across the road/ the road then coming into view, which I believe contravenes various UK and EU privacy regulations.


Anyone have any ideas on how I could go about angling/ placing another camera so as to capture the faces of those coming onto my land? At the moment in time I have a tiny part of the field where I can see the actual face, but the rest of the field of view is either the shoulders and below or just the feet!

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In the set up of your CCTV there should be access to blank out areas of the cameras viewing angle, usually called privacy and even in cheaper kits there are usually 4 privacy curtains per camera.


You can angle your camera up and then black out your neighbors.


Alternatively, you can talk to your neighbors who may actually like the idea of some added security and want you to include more of their outside area.

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