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Need a hidden IP cam, preferably wireless

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All my experience is in commercial, and now I have a house to deal with.



3 story house on grade

NVR in basement


4 exterior cameras. I plan on running all cables in attic, put a switch and AP in attic. Due to vaulted ceiling, we only have to go through the ceiling, and one wall to stairwell with NVR


1 hidden cam in basement

2 hidden cams on main level


I plan on using a Dahua NVR, and need something that is hidden like a fake smoke detector, motion sensor etc for the 3 hidden cams. It would be great if the device was wireless. They have a special needs child who has been abused by sitters and they want to keep an eye on the sitter.


Just finished basement out in drywall (no drop ceiling) and painted whole house. No drywall cutting....


I included 2 locations where I need cameras. The 3rd I don't seem to have a picture of but its just a corner, no cabinet. Just an outlet



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