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QT5816 Expectations

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I provide a computer and networking service and occassionally am asked to deal with surveillance camera systems. I recently replaced a Q-See QT526 with an apparently close equivalent in the QT5816. The camera side is working fine but the backend operations are raising questions.


- First, it appears that accessing the recorder on the web doesn't work with a typical browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. I've only been able to get QTView to install and work. It appears that connecting onto the local network will download it from the device. I'd like to be able to instruct others how to connect but obviously that would be better with a bare browser than having to install QTView first. What is normal and what do you recommend?


- Second, playback over the web seems dreadfully slow. (I've not tried it on the local LAN but don't expect it to be different). Even at x32 with a single channel being reviewed it runs at less than x1. Is this to be expected? How to get around this?


Both of these weren't issues with the QT526 as nearly as I can determine. So these appear to be "new problems" for the user.


Thanks in advance!

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