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Multicast in smart PSS

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I'm a bit new to this area of IP camera, I have 60 IP cameras Dahua IPC-hfw2300rp-z, and I managed by Smart PSS, but I see a lot of problems:

- A huge latency in the transmission of video,

- The pc running smart PSS (for a 32 camera view), it becomes heavy and warm (fan does not stop).


I opt for a multicast solution, so I bought CA 2960 POE switchs , and 1945 router, all are set up and connected correctly, the display in internet explorer in multicast mode camera works fine,

But I cannot add devices in smart PSS in multicast mode, and I still have the same latency in the video reception


Is there a solution to my problem?



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1. You want to decode 60 FullHD streams? Have you tried watching 60 FullHD videos on Youtube to see what happens?

2. What bitrate? What type of network?

Each camera needs ~3-4Mbps * 60 = 200Mbps+. Can your switches/network/PC connection handle that?

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Thank you for your reply,


I know this is huge traffic, my installation is rolling out managed 3 floors,

- Each floor has 20 cameras.

- Each floor has a c2960 switch PoE 24-port 100 Mo Fast Ethernet ports, and 2 GigaEthenet ports.

- Each C2960 switch his connected by GigaEthernet interface to server switch C3960 (24 ports gigaEthenet).

- I have C1945 router for multicast managing.

- The video traffic is encapsulated in a VLAN.


Normally this installation is sufficient to manage the video traffic with the maximum resolution of 3MB per camera, with 3 sumiltanious view for all cameras, if I'm not mistaken.


I opt for the multicast solution to alleviate traffic, and it works well with each camera, but I board not add the udp multicast source in smart pss.


It is possible to add a camera with UDP multicast source, because it is possible with iSpy.


thank you.

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Since Multicast is connection-less/unmanaged, I doubt you will be able to watch it via SmartPSS (which does management & co). But you would be able to view the streams with 3rd party players that support Multicast.


As a side note - or, as a side note to your problem - I also doubt that Multicast will make your client less "stressed" - it's the same amount of video information to decode (actually, I think it's more than the same amount, since the decoding library of DAHUA is already optimized).

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