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Avenger NVR, Blue Iris and mobile apps

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I am hoping someone smarter than me can help me out with this problem.


I’ll give a bit of background


We have recently moved house but at the old property I had Blue Iris on my home PC running 2 cameras and the iPhone mobile app. I found Blue Iris very easy to use, however my home PC was quite beefy so at the new house I decided to move to a dedicated NVR unit supplied by Direct Digital Security, so that my Home PC didn’t need to be on all the time.


The new system is an Avenger POE 8 channel NVR, with 3 POE cameras but it isn’t as slick as Blue Iris



My main problems are;


Email alerts generated by the NVR on motion, send out a screenshot which doesn’t always show the movement. I.e. a delivery person arriving, the screenshot is their foot as they leave the screen

I can’t view the video remotely via the web. It shows a No Video and I haven’t been able to resolve this, hence can’t view playback files.


The remote app provided to access the cameras, GooLink, is nowhere as good as Blue Iris. Cameras have to be reconnected when launched and is full of adverts. Plus is only viewable in real time. The remote app is configured via a QR code and I can’t work out what details to use to manually configure to use another app.


The NVR also doesn’t have the ability to delete files x days old. I had Blue Iris setup to store files for 7 days, than move to a backup drive for 21 days and then delete, to save space and maintenance.


I have seen that other people have managed to setup Blue Iris to connect to an NVR. I was wondering if someone could give some advice as I like the fact BlueIris will alert on movement and then I can view the files via the mobile device and rewind.


If anyone can help and give any advice that would be appreciated.


My thoughts are to have the NVR permanently record and I will just have to clear down the HDD manually periodically. It will alarm apparently so that isn’t a major concern

Have BlueIris running to motion detect and use the BlueIris app to view files remotely if needed.


The NVR has two NICs


My router is on



Cam 1 – 3 are


The NVR config shows device port, HTTP, HTTPS, RSTP and Multicast port details. These are the same for both NVR NICs.


The NVR and cameras were configured by DDS for delivery

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