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Need Wide Angle Camera

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Front porch installation, wide angle camera to cover horizontally 10 feet wide at 7 feet height. It can be bullet of dome, but WiFi plus maybe Ethernet for future connection.

I found this indoor camera specs have the right view but back sunlight ruins face clarity in video lags:


Image Sensor: 1/2.7 Inch CMOS



Viewing Angle:115°

Video Compressed Format:H.264


Frame Rate:FHD 1080P/15fps

Rate Voltage:5V 1.0A

Weatherproof may not be necessary as the location is covered on all sides except front and the roof's eve is about 7.5 feet away.

Please, please help. thanks.

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STOP. Start doing research..that camera is garbage..

Have spent quite a few weeks doing so and nothing. So, can you be more specific?


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If you are really in that price range, then maybe try this one:



The app kinda sucks, but once setup the hardware behaves very decently. I'm actually connected to the rtsp feed directly and have had no problems. The IR are a little sensitive, and it sometimes turns them on when there is still some light.


It is 720p and the viewing angle is 120 degrees.


Now that being said, are you sure you want a wireless camera to look at your porch from the inside? (assumption based ont he cameras you are looking at)

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