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Zxtech Mini DVR

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Hello guys


i have recently purchased a kit of Ip cctv kit its 5 cameras they are passive POE Cameras. the DVR has 8 channels .and it also has a POE switch . it has been frozen and stopped recording footage regularly almost everyday .i have to unplugged the power socket supply from the NVR and POE switch / Adaptors . for like 10 second to reboot , in order to have all the cameras and nvr poe back to running again . my CCtv DVr is not connected to any network . im tryign to figured out whats causing the issue that keeps the DVR crashed and stopped the recording . thank you guys in advanced.




Best Regards


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Cheap NVR...you got what you paid for?

that what was my guess a faulty NVR / DVR its ZXtech mini NVR . I have changed the hard drive its still giving the same problem ... sometimes some of the cameras wont or dont feed live footage on the monitor . i have to disconnected all the power supplies in order to get all the cameras live footage back on the monitor . do u reckon its something to do wit the mni NVR?. should I buy a new nvr/dvr to replace my existence nvr / dvr? thanks

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