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Sensormatic Speeddome 2000 Question

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I work in a retail building, and we currently have a direct setup (No Jboxes, etc.) with various Sensormatic cameras including SpeedDome2000 cameras with Unicards running on a ADTT16E controller. We are currently using the SensorNet wiring protocol.


We just acquired some more Sensormatic Speed Dome 2000 cameras with Dual Boards. These have no controls when hooked into our system. My guess is that the cameras are not currently set up to run on SensorNet.


My question is; what do I need to do to integrate these into our SensorNet system?


Thank you!

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The ones with the dual boards are older. They're actually not 2000's but the RA480 series, if I remember correctly. It's been a while since I've worked with them. They only use RS-422 protocol for communication so you'll need a SensorNet to RS-422 converter to be able to control them. The model number for it should be RCSN422.

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