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HD-SDI DVR not working -- question regarding replacement

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Hi everyone,


The Prime Security 8-channel HD-SDI DVR that came with our home seems to no longer be working correctly. The inputs for channels 1 through 4 have stopped working, and the DVR doesn't seem to want to record anymore (although I can see live views on inputs 5 through 8 ). So I'm looking to replace the DVR. I'm a newbie here, but I believe that I need to find a replacement DVR that is specifically compatible with HD-SDI, since I'm assuming the cameras that came with the house must also be HD-SDI since apparently my current receiver is an HD-SDI receiver (per the manual). I initially ordered a Monoprice HD-TVI DVR, but now suspect that won't work with my current cameras (haven't received the replacement DVR yet).


Am I thinking about this correctly? If so, does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably priced replacement 8-channel HD-SDI DVR? I don't want to have to replace the 7 cameras that I have on the exterior of the house, which is why I'm assuming I need to be looking at an HD-SDI compatible DVR replacement.


Thank you!

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1 through 4 cameras stopped working 5 throught 8 cameras still works, HD SDI DVR works and allows you to see feeds from cam 5 to 8 on the 1 to 8 ch grid but DVR no longer records.



A faulty power adaptor that feeds the first 4 cameras (probably a power adapter that has one of those one IN to 4 OUT connector plugs) chech that power adapter, probably is of minimum of 4 amps at 12 volts DC that would need to be replaced if its bad. If you dont have power adapter but do have a CCTV power distribution box instead check voltage on the first 4 terminal.


As for the HS SDI DVR not recording, most likely its hard drive failed, I would check hard drive status and if it is indeed failed, as is 0 GB being registered, a failure being registered or no HDD being detected I would change the hard drive with a 4 TB WD Purple (Surveillance grade) hard drive.


So in short I would:

1. Make sure that all cameras are receiving 12 volts DC.

2. I would check the hard drive and replace if it failed.



If you still suspect that the DVR as a unit might still be faulty and is the cause why cameras 1 to 4 isnt showimg up but 5 to 8 does, and you made sure that there is power being delivered to cameras 1 to 4, then I would unplug camera #8 and plug in one by one cameras 1 to 4 to see if those cameras that arent showing up on port 1 to 4 shows up on port 8 being one of the working port, if the cameras does show up on port 8 then plug all cameras the way they were and perform the following:


Check that the brightness and contrast setting for cameras 1 to 4 hasnt been moved all the way to zero/down which would also cause the image to appear totally dark, revert brigjtness and contrast for tjese cameras to default settings (slidder in the middle for most DVR) and play around with many settings that retates to image controls and check that there isnt any black wallpaper/privacy mast/ocult enabled for the affected cameras. Do all that befpre ruling out that the HD SDI dvr is at fault and needs to be replaced.

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