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Cameras Worked Fine, Now I See Nothing But A Blank Screen?

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Hello all, any help with this would be greatly appreciated as Ive seriously ran out of ideas!


I bought a Floureon Security Camera System with 4 cameras and placed them around my shop, it all worked fine for months and I was able to use the CMS that came with it to view video recordings etc etc.


Then out of the blue, all my cameras stopped working at the same time, I still get the date stamp in the top corner and the time counter running in the bottom corner, but nothing else, just a black screen. Ive checked all the wires, tried various other things...but nothing!


Any ideas?

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The time/date stamps are generated within the DVR. Your most likely problem is loss of camera power especially if they are all fed from a single supply.


All four cameras connect to the Floureon box, the box is on, so I dont see how they can have no power?

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