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Help - Display Duplication

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Hello, I need help on following issue :-

I have installed 30 2MP camera in my society through 3 DVR. All DVR are connected through LAN to office computer. I am using iVMS-4200 software for viewing. Now I want our society security cabin should also have display, which is approx. 150 Feet away from office.

The CCTV vendor suggested me to get another computer and connect via. LAN. I want a cost effective solution by just putting a 32 inch TV. Is their any way, I can duplicate the computer's VGA display and provide video signal to TV ? I can put any cable but should be cost effective pls.

Thanks !

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VGA to composite video converter



very cheap, VGA feeds through to local monitor, RG59 coax can be run to remote repeater monitor. Picture quality is not brilliant, what do you expect for peanuts. Cheap enough to try out and replace with higher quality unit if wanted.

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