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Does anyone know of, or have any ideas how I might take existing camera feed from older CCTV cameras;via RCA jacks (power is not an issue, as I have cameras connected to remote power source) and be able to receive their feeds on web/Iphone?




Thought this would be easy, but it is proving impossible?


I have 6 older CCTV cameras that were hardwired into my house when the house was built 15 years. The cameras are KeepSafer (Linear) RCC0021. I have no idea of the resolution of them--I'd guess 704 x 480

or 352 x 240.


They have really crazy cabling, as they were originally used with a standalone system (KeepSafer RCC00020) but now receive power via an external power supply--so, power is not an issue. Each camera outputs through a centralized RCA feed through the wall.


Replacing the cameras (due to the crazy wiring) is not going to happen, and I hate to just toss them in the trash. Also, with the cameras already powered, and the outputs right there at the RCA jacks--I assumed it might be not so hard to just grab that video--and convert it to wireless, and receive it on an iphone and/or web app.


After several days of searching the web, I'm striking out!

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