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Help with migrating from DVR to NVR

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My 4ch analog camera set is currently set up with Ethernet cabling, using baluns on both ends of the cable to convert from the camera to the DVR. I would like to slowly migrate from DVR to NVR, adding newer IP cameras while keeping the old cameras and using them in areas of the house where high resolution is not a priority. I am hoping to get some feedback as to the equipment required to perform this migration, or if it is even possible.


Based on the forum discussions I've reviewed, I need a Video encoder for my analog cameras to switch to Ethernet. But I already have Ethernet cabling and baluns. Will the encoder still work with this type of setup? I also saw someone recommend an amplifier in another post. Is this required?


Other than new cameras and NVR system, is there anything else I need to consider?

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Hybrid HD DVR will be a recommendation. I have installed TVI (HD analog) DVR that can accommodate IP cameras. There are numerous selections in the Market.

heres the ASN from Amazon


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