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Axis A1001 Controller issues

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Hi everyone! I have an issue with an Axis A1001 2 door controllers. I installed this for a client about a year ago. Has been working fine until recently. There are times when the exit button or the hold up switch installed will not release the maglock. Just random times. I have the lock powered by the panel itself using POE. I am thinking that may be the problem. The RTE is a lighted model also which draws current as well. Do I need to run a seperate power supply for the lock? I can do so easily and use a relay. Point is that the instructions look like powering one maglock can be done without a seperate power supply. Any ideas or comments?

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Yes, install a power supply for the lock and your problem should go away. I had the same thing happening using some 9400 rim strikes. 90% of the time they would work. The other 10% of the time the customer was not happy.

Now I aways use the A1001 to just drive a relay to switch the lock with another supply.

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