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How To Decide Which DVR

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I need to replace several (about a dozen) DVR units in various U.S. locations, I am searching for resources to decide which brand I can consider.


The units I need are standard BNC connections, 8 or 16 channels, HD / 1080p and most importantly, must have interface software that works.... easy to export, remote viewing, etc


I've started looking at the retail brands.... Swann, Lorex, and others found on Amazon.


I am skeptical on using other lesser known brands without reviewing what others have experienced.


Thanks for any guidance

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Go with Hikvision or Dahua.


They have serveral technologies using HD /1080P or 4K though Coax. On Hikvision its called HDTVI and on Dahua HDCVI. Maybe you heard about AHD which is quite the same. They have also some VMS Software to manage multiple DVR at the same time and the price is ok.


Personally i used Hikvision. Because some of their DVR are Hybrid, called Turo DVR. So you can use HDTVI, HDCVI, AHD and IP on the same recorder.


For example:


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