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jb henderson

I need to surveil my ship! Help!

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I run a large art car at a festival called Burningman.

The Art car is a Mark Twain mississippi style steam boat. We host musicians on the top deck, and entertain the masses by cruising around mostly at night.


As the driver of this beast, I am tasked with keeping people from getting hurt. They love to chase and jump on. Which is dangerous.


At this point a CCTV system is needed to assist in this prime directive.


What I need is a 6 camera system that is IR capable for day and night usage, that is at least 720p or a rough equivalent,

they need to be hard wired and daisy chained for power if possible. The art car is 50' long and 12 feet wide'. So the longest run to the monitor is maybe a 60' run. I don't need to record to a hard drive. This is for live monitoring such as when you have a back up camera on a car. Nor does it need to be wifi enabled. Very basic. Its just so I can check all my blind spots. I have a few flat screen TVS and displays that would suffice, so Id like to incorporate what I have if possible to save a few bucks. And they are nice displays.


Im a video guy, so I can figure out most DIY applications, but CCTV systems are new for me, and there are a million options online. This kit will only be used for a couple weeks a year, so it doesn't have to be a pro-grade system like on a house or business 365 days a year.


Any help pointing me in the right direction for cameras and the support gear to get the multiple images on screen would be appreciated.







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Nice 'boat', dude! Can't blame people for wanting to get on?


CCTV Systems generally come in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels.


Have a look at HIKVision's 720p HD-TVI cameras and DVRs. They are well priced and of good quality. They have both VGA and HDMI outputs, so you should be able to use your current monitors.


Daisy chaining cameras are an interesting one. An acquaintance ran a length of multi-strand and 1.5mm ripcord around his house and spliced off (using baluns) wherever he needed cameras, so I guess it can work. But I'd rather suggest you go the normal route and run either RG59 or CAT5.

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