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new user and new to all security topics - but have simple ?

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While I am fairly new to all things CCTV and related, I do have a system or two up and running for the last few years and just have what should be a simple question or what is probably more of a what is the preferred brand type question.


I currently have a system setup with a 2 X 16 camera NVR which covers almost all of y business. The one thing I haven't installed that it most important to my business is a second camera in my front office which is at counter level with the customer and records their face in full along with whatever transponds at the counter level. One of my main goals is to have the customer see themself and that they are being recorder and also so they can see when they have a line forming behind them and hopefully they will spend less time at the window knowing there are others waiting.


I have a camera installed that covers all this, but need to know any suggestion that any of you may have as to what type monitor to place there so they can see themselves. (Will any monitor off amazon due or should I look for a certain type) and also any suggestions as to what works best in general.


Thank you for any help you can provide (even on such a simple / non-technical question),


ricky -- cctv newbie

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