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Troubleshooting Short term DC on PoE cameras.

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Hell of a first post incoming.


I have total 7 PoE cameras installed in a manufacturing facility.

Since i had no experience, i did the best i could while designing the system.

I have one camera per PoE switch -> data switch -> PC/Server (Scheme added)

I got the system up and working only this way when there were no cameras connected to "Data switch" hence the reason calling it data.

So i have an issue where 4 of the cameras are unstable (right side data switch( cabling marked with "?")) Long loading times, connection drops, latency etc.

No cable (Cat5e) should be longer than 100m/330ft.

Power is supplied from single wall socket to whole system.

Switches are 40W maximum output supporting IEEE802.3at, af. 10/100Mbps (up to 150meters)

Most powerful/biggest camera max 20W usage.

Usually when one camera drops connection, all 4 go down from that side. 5 seconds to couple of minutes. Usually couple of seconds.

If it was power requirement, all 7 cameras would drop, same with bandwith limit i guess.

The connection drops usually occur when i try to access camera via ip or simply trying to PTZ.


I've been thinking about:

New/secondary cable from data to data swith as it's been patched couple of times. (Rats bigger than cats, video on request)

An PCI-e networking card specifically for cameras?


Gigabit data switch

Eliminating link between two data switches and bringing two cables to server from each data switch.


Any suggestions, troubleshooting/testing ideas welcome.


Best Regards,



PS! There is a router between pc and data switch. Also i have few empty leads for future cameras.


Edit// 2 of the cameras on connection drop side are 1080p (one PTZ) and 2 704x576px (both PTZ)


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Another anomaly I discovered:

When I am locally connected directly to the camera via ip, and I have a remote client connected over mobile internet -

Remote client always sees movement/picture update first. Local image can freeze for minutes while remote client has no issues. (Unless connection drops)

The internet connection is mobile/no cable.


I use Axis cameras and Milestone VMS

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