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PTZ camera.

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I'm fairly new to the world of PTZ camera control so apologies in advance if I've overlooked something obvious.


I was under the impression that PTZ cameras required 3 connections:


A power supply

A co-ax connection

A RS485 connection


There is a Sony PTZ camera already installed at my place of work which is fully functional. However it does not have a RS485 connection? It has a 24v AC power connection along with a Co-ax connection. How is this camera able to move? (The Co-ax cable is run straight from the DVR to the camera). It would appear the telemetry of the camera is somehow controlled via the co-ax cable? Is this the case?





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Dunno about Sony, but HikVision has, as part of their HD-TVI implementation, incorporated PTZ over coax functionality.

Bascially, any HikVision HD DVR will be able to control a HikVision HD PTZ via coax.


Way cool, yes?

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