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Best VMS with a Macintosh client?

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Hey guys,


I've been running Exacqvision for about 10 years now. My server is getting fairly dated, and my exacqvision licenses just expired again. I'm looking to build a new dedicated Windows server for my VMS, but before I renew Exacqvision again for another year, I'm wondering what else is out there that I should consider? I don't mind sticking with Exacq, but I've been outta the game for a while and just wondering what else is on the market now that might be worth considering.


But -- Here is my one restrictive requirement: I'm a Mac guy (aside from the one dedicated Windows server running the VMS itself). I need it to have a client for Mac; I don't want to fuss with a web client. I love Avigilon, but, you know... The Mac thing.


I'm running 6 Axis cameras over POE and have 4TB of HDD space, if that affects your suggestions at all.

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