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Adding a microphone to camera

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Hi, i have a 4ch dvr and 4 cameras. All working fine. Ive added a amplified microphone to one of the cameras and the mic tskes power from the camera power source. My power pack is 12v DC/AC 6amps... the problem i have is when i turn on the speaker i have a bad distortion noise. I still can hear sound from the mic but over the top of it the distortion sounds like an helicoptor. I heard that sometimes the mic needs it own power source. I have tried this by taking a power pack up the ladders with an extenstion cable. (Just to test) and sure enough the helicopter sound stops. So i was wondering how i could add another permanant power source to that single camera with the added microphone. Or could i just get a 12v 10amp power pack to replace the 6amp. would that work?

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