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Advice on powerline comunication system

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(this is my first post)

So I'm planing to build a surveillance system with 4 cameras. to connect them to NVR, wifi is out becouse of distinance and walls between them, there would be lot of drilling if i would go for new wires, but I could do it with power cables from outdoor lights. So recently I learned something about powerline comunication and I think I could use it here but I know only the basics.


I'm attaching scheme. The question is will the system work if I connect all 4 cameras to same PLC system and connect one PLC adapter onto router and than to NVR. All those thing are on the same phase.


If this would work what NVR should I use?

Do I need 2 routers or I can connect NVR input and output to same router (I don't know much of what routers do )


I would be really glad if someone would help me with this project.


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