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First timer cam help for photo entry notifications

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First time IP camera shopping. I know there are a lot of variables and options so that's why I'm looking for a point of reference for starters.


The main reason I am buying the camera is to take pictures and notify on entrance to small indoor room. Fixed camera.

I expect notification emails to include picture attachments of the person entering.

The door is no more than 35 feet from where the camera will be placed.

It will need to work in the dark before the first person turns on the light.


I'll have 5 of them in different physical locations. The cameras will likely work independently. Video will be viewed from the computer or iphone occasionally over the network. Storage will be locally on a NAS storage in each physical location keeping maybe 14 days of video that will overwrite itself.


I just want a brand that has secure firmware and have a good reputation for updates when vulnerabilities are found.

From what I'm seeing, Axis, Hikvision, and Vivotek seem like good choices.

Trying to keep the budget under $500 per camera.

Would not throw out the clearly best option for little more though.


Axis M3025-VE seems like it fits the bill. I'm just not sure about if it can be used stand-alone in the way I need. Seemed like the Axis manual suggests it can.


Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-IS seems like it's a better camera spec'd out at half the price. And manual seems to say there are motion sensing notifications which should do for me.


Why the huge price difference? Is Axis brand worth that much more? What am I missing?


Will a stand-alone camera be able to do the job I'm expecting?

Does anyone have the same use-case or knowledge that can recommend a brand/model that will match my needs?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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