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CCTV Recommendation

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I have already installed a wifi dog fenceto set a boundary for my pet, but I am still not that sure whether this device is enough to ensure the safety of my pooch. I am planning to set-up a CCTV in the backyard to check the activities of my dog, and for home security as well. Now, I am wondering which type of CCTV should I purchase as this will be the first time that I am adding it at home. I am hoping that you guys can help me with this problem of mine. Thanks in advance.

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It will be depend on your budget.


I would like to give advice for recommended CCTV Camera specification will be :

- at least 2 MP Resolution (1080p)

- 2.8 or 3.6 mm fixed lens (varifocal lens will be better).

- has Infrared LED.

- IP67/IP66 if you're planning to place them outside.

- warranty at least 1 year

- has a service center.


As for options :

1. If you can handle the mess that will happen during cable installation then use CCTV with HD Analog.

2. If you don't want any mess, have good budget and good wifi coverage then use P2P Camera (search Arlo Netgear in Youtube).



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