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Pelco net300

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I still have a few NET300R's and NET300T's running on a network. They continue to work OK but I have a few additional units in storage at the shop that I cannot reconfigure. For example I can access a NET300R with a laptop running Windows 7 through an ethernet cable, I can see the General Setup page no problem, but if I click on any of the subpages such as Network Setup or Video Decoder Settings, it brings up a page that is mostly blank, the area where I used to see configuration and other data is just blank. I used to be able to access these with an older laptop running XP. Has anyone seen this particular issue? I can send a screen shot if someone wants to see what I'm seeing.



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This can be a number of things primarily the security levels of windows 7.

In past i have had to set up active x to run as unsecured ie minimum restrictions to get the active x components to load


Also set ip address in as a trusted site.

Possibly use f12 on internet explorer and set to run im emulation mode of ie8 etc

And even set the ip address as a trusted site under java controls .

Windows 7 is most likely causing the issue.

Try googling each of the above.

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