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Migrating Hikvision DDNS to Hik-Connect Questions

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I am confused on this. I know Hikvision has done away with the HiDDNS way of doing things. I have customers on HiDDNS and they like to access video from home via browsers. It's getting to be a pain constantly updating plugins and explaining why they have to use Internet Explorer etc. I'd like to move everyone to the Hik-Connect way and be done with it but

I emailed Hikvision and they tell me that " the saving of recorded video is currently not supported by Hik connect in the mobile app or IVMS4200 for the desktop. For exporting video, it means you have to do it at the NVR. the mobile and desktop apps using Hik connect do not support exporting video."?

I don't get it? So I can no longer pull video remotely for my customers? They don't touch the NVR's and don't want to.

Also, Can Hik-Connect be accessed remotely through a browser? I must be missing something.

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Ok so I just set up a little 7806 NVR in my house with Hik-Connect. I see it on the app no issues. I didn't set up a Device name when I added this NVR to the Hik connect just the S/N. So where do I input a "name" so I can use the http://Hik-Connect.com/"devicename"? It didn't ask me to set one up.


I think I have been staring at this stuff to long tonight lol

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